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Allen Kent

The King of Rock and Roll - Mr Rumble! Allen is a Singer-Songwriter musician, and is at home performing anywhere, from rooftops to castles; he has 25 years of performing under his belt (which is actually a black belt in Kickboxing!) When he is not working for Chuckle, he is busy writing songs, releasing EP’s online and creating videos on YouTube.  With a fine-art degree, art and music has always been the core of his life, so eager to pass on his knowledge, Allen loves helping the Chucklers to grow and express themselves musically and on film.
allens Chuckles 1) If you were a superhero or villain, what would your superpower be? The ability to play every instrument in the world – At the same time! 2) If you were at a karaoke bar, what song you sing? Anything by Slipknot. 3) Why do you love to Chuckle? Because I can help introduce kids to music and Rock and Roll. 4) What is your most treasured possession? My children!