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Chuckle Parent & Visitor Posts

“Will's confidence has developed loads in the time we've been coming to Chuckle, he would never speak into a microphone or shout out answers and now he doesn't shut up!. His dexterity has improved, with all the threading, stickers etc, creative/ imagination play (your imagination box lives under his bed and he gets it out at least once a week and we play with everything in it, I'm not allowed to throw any of it away!), memory games and treasure hunts are always in my bag and come with us when we go out for meals, on holidays, to the grandparents etc. And most importantly I think it's a fantastic for my relationship building with both of them, doing all the creative and imagination play with them. Chuckle gives me loads of ideas of things to do that are more creative/imaginative which cost nothing at all and the kids absolutely love coming, there is nothing else like it and it's without a doubt the best thing I've ever done with the kids. Every week Will tells everyone about what we've done at Chuckle, it's his favourite activity and he gets quite upset in the holidays when it's not on!”
“My child’s signing skills have progressed greatly and his range of vocal sounds has increased too”
“My child is affectionate with a wider range of people now and will even seek out completely new people to interact with. He is more animated, happy and motivated, socially more confident in different situations with people who are not family or close friends”
“My child has always loved music, singing and dancing and the sound connection project has reached her on a new level I believe. It has enhanced her interest and enthusiasm and increased her confidence which is wonderful as music and dance makes her so happy!”
“I would like to stress, my perception of this kind of therapy, was somewhat skeptical but having regularly worked in one hour slots to a pre-set program, I am forced to change my mind - there has quite simply been a rollercoaster of changes for my son. My Son has to date had 8 sessions and from every single session, I have seen a marked difference in him - he has gone down stairs backwards, worked extra hard at completing a length when we swim which is virtually unheard of, he has studied items in a completely new way and interacted with them and us and he has made a range of new sounds. He is allowing me to introduce a variety of new things - he has accepted a change of breakfast and now accepts and enjoys an alternative totally different type of breakfast and he has recently accepted the idea of eating out successfully which was totally unheard of before. This widening of abilities has also been noticed at school - we are taking early steps in toilet training (he is doubly incontinent and previous attempts fruitless) and he is now, when appropriate, eating with a fork instead of only a spoon”
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