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Chuckle Connective Therapy

Is this right for my child? Connective Therapy is recommended for children/young people on the autistic spectrum who have limited communication skills, or who have profound and multiple learning difficulties. Connective Therapy is our own devised programme based on the movement therapy of Kinaesthetic Attuning, a non-verbal movement programme, embedding intensive interaction.. Our specially trained facilitators work on a one to one basis with the child using various forms of “connection” whether by physical contact, sensory materials or communication through sound/ music. This is a unique form of therapy and we have seen very positive results and a profound impact on the children we have worked with, in behaviour and responsiveness. When the child has become settled within the session format, we then invite family members to learn the techniques that work with their child so they can replicate sessions at home. Please contact Sara Christie on 07837 741 510 or for further information or to book a consultation.
A Parents Thoughts on Connective Therapy. “I would like to stress, my perception of this kind of therapy, was somewhat skeptical but having regularly worked in one hour slots to a pre-set program, I am forced to change my mind - there has quite simply been a rollercoaster of changes for my son. My Son has to date had 8 sessions and from every single session, I have seen a marked difference in him - he has gone down stairs backwards, worked extra hard at completing a length when we swim which is virtually unheard of, he has studied items in a completely new way and interacted with them and us and he has made a range of new sounds. He is allowing me to introduce a variety of new things - he has accepted a change of breakfast and now accepts and enjoys an alternative totally different type of breakfast and he has recently accepted the idea of eating out successfully which was totally unheard of before. This widening of abilities has also been noticed at school - we are taking early steps in toilet training (he is doubly incontinent and previous attempts fruitless) and he is now, when appropriate, eating with a fork instead of only a spoon”
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